How to Raise $1000

You’ve registered to go Over the Edge, your adrenaline is pumping, you have the

date circled on your calendar, but wait, what now? Don’t delay, start fundraising today! Before you know it, you will have your $1000 raised and be on your way to taking your first step Over the Edge!


1. Create your fundraising page at

2. Send an email out to your friends, family, and co-workers

3. 5 generous friends give you $50


4. 10 of your contacts give you $25


5. 5 friends give you $20


6. 10 more people give you $10


7. 20 coworkers give you $5


8. Your donation of $100


9. Your company’s matching funds of $100
(better yet, see if they will match all the funds you raise!)

$100 – $900

10. Take a deep breath, because you are really going Over the Edge!

TOTAL: $1000+

Fundraising 101

The #1 reason people give is because they are asked. Don’t be shy, the worst someone will do is tell you no; at best, they will give you more than you expected! Be excited! People will feed off of your enthusiasm.

Know your facts. Be able to talk about your nonprofit in terms of how these funds will make a difference. People give because they are asked, because they care, and because the person doing the asking is enthusiastic and passionate about their cause.